e represent clients in a wide variety of civil and criminal litigation in our federal courts.
Since the firm’s establishment in 1993, we practice primarily in the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
e practice the art of appellate advocacy.
More and more, experienced trial and corporate counsel recognize the difference in skills needed to successfully represent clients on appeal and the advantage that an experienced federal appellate lawyer adds to the trial team. Whether the client seeks to affirm a large existing verdict or reverse an adverse result, retaining Sidney Powell P.C. will maximize chances of success.
ur appellate experience is unparalleled.
Founder and President Sidney Powell has been lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals resulting in more than 180 published opinions. Careful parsing of the record, thorough research, and persuasive legal writing are the hallmarks of the briefs filed by Sidney Powell, P.C.


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The following organizations engage in what Sidney Powell, P.C. believes to be the best practices in the non-profit sector. They address crucial social issues and serve as models for other programs around the country or world. We give them our support and encourage you to give them yours.

Protecting Women and Children
Providing Education and Working to Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence, and providing safe places of caring and healing for victims of abuse:

Helping and Encouraging Children To Succeed in School:

Feeding the Hungry:

Promoting Values:

Supporting many non-profits in a Charitable Gift Market:

Providing Psychological and Spiritual Support For Humanitarian Relief and Development Workers Worldwide:

Educating young people for lives of Success and Significance:

  • High Point University – where every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people.